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Mardi Gras - Be who you want to be at RockyPop Flaine 🐱‍🐉

The best Mardi Gras ever at RockyPop Flaine!


From fantasy characters to fairytale heroes, let your creativity run wild!

Swallow your best polynectar vial and become whoever you want to be!


The parade.

Step 1

For the occasion, our RockyStars play along!

Cheer them on from 4.30pm in the hotel bar for our traditional parade, and vote for your favourite costume!

RPFL - Mardi Gras
The workshops.

Step 2

Are you dreaming of a beautiful make-up and a kick-ass hairstyle to complete your disguise?

We've got it all covered!


Our RockyStars will transform you into a true work of art!

Pretty exciting smiling blond little child girl of 3 years with a bright face painting on pink background. Fun emotions, shocked face
Cotton candy.

Step 3

Attention all food lovers:


A cotton candy stand will be available from 4.30pm! Something for all ages!


Save room for dinner in one of our restaurants: Sushi House, Frometon or our buffet...


Tasty cotton candy on color background
Make way for magic.

Step 4

We end on a high note with Eddy the magician!


Immerse yourself in his spellbinding world, where the impossible becomes possible, and prepare to be amazed by his fabulous magic tricks!


Book your stay now and join us for a memorable evening of fun and fantasy!



Eddy the magician

We look forward to seeing you at RockyPop Flaine! ❤